Our Company started in the sixties as a partnership firm under the name and style of KUMAR MANUFACTURING COMPANY and the shareholding was among the families of three brothers namely Raj Kumar, Basant Kumar, and Anand Kumar. It was a pioneering venture for the country as the high alumina, high temperature ceramics were imported at that time. With support from the Steel and Instrumentation industry the Company quickly established its name with good quality products such as thermocouple sheaths, combustion boats, combustion tubes, and high alumina crucibles and muffles.

     Today a wide range of industries including metal processing, automotive, instrumentation and control, heat treatment, glass, porcelain, and process / scientific / furnace equipments manufacturing patronize our Company's products.

     Our core strength is our people, whose long years of experience have helped the Company master the formulations to deliver high quality products to our discerning customers.

     Our products are being exported through our distribution network to Africa, Middle East, and Asia Pacific and educational institutions carrying out research in areas of high temperature engineering. We regularly collaborate with the Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute to develop new products, of which the ceramic membrane was developed jointly for the elimination of arsenic for rendering subsoil contaminated water potable.

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